What are the hidden stories within the Royal Exchange building? What does it mean for the Royal Exchange Theatre to make our home and create art here? What are the words we want to echo round this historic hall?

DISRVPT: HOLDING SPACE is a poem and an installation, created by Manchester artist Keisha Thompsonand designed by Alison Erika Forde that examines the complex history of the Royal Exchange building and turns that space into something new.

Join us for a free launch event in the Great Hall where award-winning writer and theatre-maker Keisha Thompson, in a one-off performance, brings her poem to life with Yandass Ndlovu in a newly devised piece directed by Nimmo Ismail.

DISRVPT asks us to look beyond the Great Hall and its calm grandeur to fill it with joy, playfulness and rebellion. It’s time to bring some overlooked stories to the foreground.

Following the performance Alison Erika Forde’s installation that will remain live for 12 months. A visual artist from Manchester, who’s exhibited across the UK and overseas, Forde’s design will ensure that the HOLDING SPACE leaves its mark on the Great Hall in striking style.

Don’t miss this first in a brand-new programme of special events curated by Joint Artistic Directors Bryony Shanahan and Roy Alexander Weise. DISRVPTinvites everyone to take up space, tell their story and help define what the Great Hall can be in 2021.

Dates and times

This event finished on 21 October 2021.

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